Medical Spa Digital Marketing Analytics Learned

Our Medical Spa Digital Marketing Analytics Broken Down

Following a successful 2 1/2 year partnership we were able to gain a tremendous amount of information about consumer engagement in looking at specific analytics. The results showed us some pretty interesting and exciting information about who is engaging with us online.

Med Spa marketing online is highly competitive, thus many clinics are resulting to Groupon and losing money while creating zero patient loyalty. Our local SEO and Google ranking specific strategies remain exciting successful, and include no Groupon activities.

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In the med spa marketing infographic below you will see:

  • Phone call activity based on days and hours – it will show you what we found to be the most active day of week and time of day with the highest incoming calls from the phone number listed only on the internet properties.
  • Website Google Analytics – pulling out specific information related to who our website visitors are, their digital source and where they came from.
  • Google My Business Insights – where and how people found our listing on Google
  • YouTube Insights – will show you the age of people watching our videos, for how long and on what device


The American Med Spa Association 2017 State of The Industry Report, revealed that 85% of medical spa customers/patients are female. I’m sure no one is surprised by that number. They also showed that 52% of are middle-aged, 35-54 yrs of age; again probably no surprise.

Med Spa Digital Marketing | Successful Marketing Group medical spa marketing |client profile AmSpa 2017 study

Our Google Analytics – the majority of the patients/customers/interested people of our med spa online interaction were: 81% female, but we did see a 79% increase of male new users of our website. Plus we saw the top visitors to our website were between the ages of 25-34, which is smack in the millennials segment. The 25-34 age of website visitors made up 24% of total sessions while 35-54 made up 43% of total sessions.

You can see some of our interesting data in the infographic below.

We would love to hear  how this data relates to your clinic, please leave us a comment below and let us know.

Med Spa Digital Marketing - Successful Marketing Group medical spa marketing online & website analytics 2017

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