How to Get Your Medical Spa, or Any Healthcare Clinic, to Rank on Google & Get More Patients? Here’s Proof.

Google Ranking with Google My Business for medical clinics

Medical Clinic Digital Marketing Tips with Real Results & Analytics

Google for the Local Business

There’s a great saying, “the best place to hide a dead body is on page two of google.” Every medical spa, medical clinic, dentist and doctor know the importance ranking on page one of Google holds for their business today. In the old days (a few years ago) ‘black hat’ SEO tactics were super easy to do and actually the keyword stuffing and massive irrelevant link building was pretty successful. Spammers started using them endlessly and thus Google came out with penguins and pandas and hummingbirds to beat these folks up. Which really I feel has been great for the local business marketing industry.

Some good things have come out of this for the small and medium-sized businesses. In my opinion, Google Maps and Google Reviews are a few of those wonderful developments – competitive, but when done correctly hugely powerful for the local SMB (small medium business). Unfortunately we’ve all been on the other end of the multitude of robocalls claiming to be from Google and how urgent it is you Press 1, to fix your Google listing. Just so you know Google does not make these calls.

Building My Google Muscles to Help Businesses

As a longtime marketing and business development professional and consultant, I have seen a lot of transformation in the industry. In 2006 I started working for AT&T in their largest region in the US, Los Angeles. This was an amazing experience because I actually worked with thousands of businesses of all sizes, from mom & pop to multi-million dollar. As a top producer consulting on, and providing these businesses with the best, strongest, digital assets for their business and budget was tremendously fun and rewarding. It was also at the beginnings of what is now and Google Adwords, along with several other products that don’t exist anymore. Fast forward 11 years, tons of articles, blogs, books, webinars, trainings, workshops, masterminds, conferences, etc., on the constantly dynamic and emerging of digital marketing, I have been able to help business owners in a way that makes me excited to get up in the morning!

Being able to learn and work out what works for my clients to rank on page one of Google, and with a powerful marketing message, is exceedingly rewarding for me. I am very clear that I am solely in the business of helping my clients put food on their table and meet their personal goals. I use Google and create marketing strategies to do this but that’s not my main line of business. I’ve helped businesses (my friends) recover from the 2009 recession, divorces, save their business, build repeatable success, and meet their goals – that’s what makes me geek-out the most when I talk to them about their analytics, insights and number of calls for the month. [See More: Local Business Marketing Program]

Google Ranking Breakdown – this works for all types of medical/dental clinics

Here are the strategies we at Successful Marketing Group use for our clients to rank on Google currently.

  • Google My Business – set yours up, use your keywords in descriptions, photos, etc.
  • Reviews – vitally important. A minimum of 10, 5-Star reviews.
    – 84% of patients use online reviews to evaluate physicians
    – 77% of patients use online reviews as their first step to find a physician
  • Photos – keyword optimize when you save in computer before you post (ex: dentist st. paul | ABC Dental Office 651-123-4567) and keyword optimize all photos with alt-tags in website
  • Website SEO
  • Website content – content is still king but it must be relevant & helpful information
  • Content Marketing (back-links) – create videos, blogs, press releasees, etc with consumer desired information, and optimize with relevant keywords.
    • links to your website from various ‘Authority Sites’ (back links) – YouTube, news sites with press release, etc.
    • take your content and syndicate them out via; other video sites like daily motion and social bookmarking sites like reddit
    • blog posts linked to other sources like newsletters, special offers or relevant news posted on social media, or other sites that encourage the reader to click the link to view more information in the blog drives engagement and traffic to your website which also boosts your SEO
  • Social Media – be active, responsive and keyword optimize your photos before you post them
  • Google Analytics gives you insight into how your website performs and info about your visitors

Advanced Tip:

Website user experience – You may have heard about “UX” and thought it was too much of a technical term to pay attention to and I get that. UX stands for user experience and has primarily been used in design. Marketers are slow to embrace it because they think it’s a bit ‘airy-fairy’ and takes the eye off the ball relating to conversions. [keep a look out for our upcoming blog post on this breakdown] However, focusing on how user friendly your website functions are and how easy it is for the user to obtain the information they came their for is something I take very serious in my marketing strategies. Google has made it clear that users should be the center of attention, in its Webmaster Guidelines. 95 percent of customers agree with this statement: “Good user experience just makes sense.” The more you invest in improving UX in your digital marketing efforts, the more likely that you’ll actively develop loyal customers that keep returning for more.

PROOF: Medical Spa Digital Marketing – Real Results & Analytics

So our client was a medical spa located and owned by a family practice group, which was great. However we quickly realized that the skincare clinic did not have their own autonomous identity online. So potential patients that were searching for aesthetic skin care services in the area didn’t know their skincare clinic existed. So number one we needed to get them found, but with an identity that set the apart from the competition. We needed to get them established online as THE med spa to come to; as well as get them a 5 star reviews on various sites and posted online for others to see.

RESULTS: Click Here to See the Case Study Results

Results Summary:

  • an average of 146 phone calls from the internet per month
  • Google Maps position 1 in all keywords searches Google Page 1 rankings in 4 cities; Apple Valley, Eagan, Prior Lake, Savage
  • Google keyword rankings = 20% – 80% of Pg 1
  • 28 #1 pg 1 keyword rankings
  • 53 Top 3 pg 1 keyword rankings
  • 80 Page 1 keyword rankings

ANALYTICS: Click Here to See the Related Online Analytics

Our analysis showed some interesting information that we were able to utilize further in our marketing. We looked at phone call activity of our number used specifically for the online properties, based on days and hours. The information from the website Google Analytics looked at specific information regarding our website visitors, their age and where they came from. Furthermore, we looked into the Google My Business Insights, where and how people found our listing on Google. Lastly, we have included YouTube Insights, breaks down the age of people watching our videos, how long they watch and on what type of device.

Success Summary:

  • during a 7 month timeframe, we experienced 12,410 total page views
  • per website session, the average visitor viewed an average of 3 pages (2.75)
  • and the overwhelming majority of our website visitors were new users that found us on Google organic searches

You can use the link above to see the details. There are several interesting insights, like the increase of male visitors; and the one we found the most fantastic was the age of our website visitors – which also was identical to the individuals that watched our videos. The reason we are so excited about it is because when we compared it to The American Med Spa Association 2017 State of The Industry Report, we found our largest age group were visitors ages 25-34. These millennial website visitors made up 24% of our total visitors, where as in the AmSpa report they showed that market group spending 17% of total services.

Again, these strategies will work, and actually are necessary, for any type of medical or dental clinic. If you have further questions or would like to set up Free 30 minute Consultation, you can reach us at [email protected] • 866-411-5125

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