Organic Google SEO & Google Maps/The 3-Pack

According to Google research, 4 in 5 people use search to find local information.

Local search (Google SEO) is complicated. It requires an expert that knows digital marketing inside and out. The Successful Marketing Group team are experts in local business search engine optimization (or Local Business SEO) and our happy clients are the proof.

As A Local Business You Must Show Up on Google

When someone in your area does a search on Google for the same business services you provide, it is vital that you show up on that results page. Better yet, you really want to have your business listed in the Maps 3-pack AND on page 1 of your business search terms.

TRAFFIC IS NOT ENOUGH – You need to trigger their ‘Hot Buttons’ – Capture their attention and Give them the best option for their needs, so they call you. [Learn More]

Local Business SEO on Google

There are special local search strategies specifically designed to address the local challenges local business dealers and independents face when attempting to become visible in their markets.

Local SEO takes some unique practices to make local business SEO affective – meaning ranking in the Google 3-Pack and ranking organically on page 1 of specific keyword searches.

Local SEO requires 8 main elements (we can help you with ALL):

  1. Business Signals (keywords, etc)
  2. External Location Signals (citations, etc)
  3. On-page Business Signals
  4. Link Signals (internal, external)
  5. Review Signals (we have a complete system for building a 5-star reputation)
  6. Social Signals
  7. Mobile and Behavioral Signals
  8. Personalization (‘optimized’ content is King)

The 3-Pack – Google Maps

Google has made several major changes to its local search results pages. The local maps pack went from 7 to 3 business listings. This is not just showing fewer listings, it was also redesigned to fit more with the Google mobile search interface.

This has obviously led to fewer phone calls and sales for those businesses that appeared in the fourth position or lower. It has also led to more business for those businesses listed in the first three results.

Google spokesperson: “We are constantly exploring the best way to bring a better search experience to our users. This update provides people with more relevant information, including photos, reviews and prices, for searches that have multiple results for a given location.”  SEL

Organic ranking on Google

Organic ranking is when your business assets are listed within the pages of Google’s search results versus Paid Ads (Google Adwords).


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