Why Eco-Friendly Website Hosting?

By 2020, the Web Hosting industry will surpass the Airline industry in Environmental Pollution!

The Carbon Footprint of Your Website

Website hosting servers pull energy from the grid and most of that energy comes from fossil fuels. Each web hosting server produces 1390 pounds of CO2 each year! There are tens of millions of servers worldwide and growth in web hosting services is estimated to be greater than 400% each year for the foreseeable future.

How Wind Energy WorksThe typical hosting operation requires a great deal of energy to power web servers and other network equipment. Environmental and cooling controls, fire-suppression systems, electronic security mechanisms and internet connections all call for the use of energy. This is the setup in data centers all over the world, and you can image the negative affect the hosting industry has on the environment.

Why We Use GreenGeeks

GreenGeeks is a recognized EPA Green Power Partner and is the most eco-friendly web hosting service in existence today. They work with environmental foundations to purchase wind energy credits to put back into the grid three times (3X) the amount of energy we consume. In effect GreenGeeks not only wipes out their own carbon footprint but they are also negating the carbon footprint of two additional companies of the same size. This is in addition to already using energy efficient hardware housed in data centers which are designed to be environmentally friendly.

This all matters to the Successful Marketing Group, so we committed to hosting all our websites on servers in which 300% of their green web hosting is powered by renewable energy.


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