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Glory Ramsey

Glory Ramsey | Minneapolis Marketing Consultant | Successful Marketing Group | SuccessfulPages | (651) 269-4469Glory Ramsey is also the founder and chief consultant at Successful Marketing Group. She has helped THOUSANDS of entrepreneurs and businesses (small to multi-million dollar) successfully market online – through AT&T on, Google, Yahoo, YouTube, and many more search sites. She has a background in print, design, media, and live presentations.

• 25+ years of marketing, business development, and SMB consulting

• Since 2006 Glory has specialized in Digital Marketing, creating and implementing many successful marketing programs for thousands of SMB companies, from small mom & pop to large multi-billion-dollar businesses. She started with AT&T as an Advertising & Marketing Consultant in Los Angeles County (AT&T’s largest region in the country)

Glory Ramsey playing outside• Certified Member of the Power Marketing Network

• In previous positions as a Corporate Marketing Director & Business Development Specialist she; handled thousand dollar to multi-million dollar campaigns, created and implemented never-before-done, national marketing/consumer education campaigns for organic food manufacturers (General Mills, Stonyfield, Burts Bees, Clif Bars, etc) and over 600 main-stream grocery stores (Kroger, Albertsons, Hannafords, Publix, etc) from Alaska to Florida. Created over $2M in organic food sales in 4 weeks (before organic became mainstream) working closely with hospital presidents, vice-presidents, and radiology directors, I was responsible for promoting and growing the business of newly installed MRI/CT/PET Scan centers in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Illinois hospitals.

Glory is also passionate about playing in, and taking pictures of, the outdoors… as well as working out and participating in the Tough Mudder. Glory lives outside of Minneapolis, Minnesota, and loves watching her daughter grow.


Marketing Team

The tactical implementation team within Successful Marketing Group includes highly-trained specialists in:

  • Website Design
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Video Production, Editing, Optimization, and Syndication
  • Local Directory Citation Profile Creation
  • Social Bookmarking Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Keyword Research
  • Facebook Ads
  • Facebook Retargeting
  • Reputation Monitoring & Management
  • Video Interviews
  • and much, much more digital marketing strategic necessities


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